Our Data Quality Services

Quality data doesn’t happen magically overnight. It requires a disciplined process of periodic review and scrub. To create a single view of the data, companies need to standardize the data, cleanse the data, de-duplicate the records, and maintain the standards. There are many vendor applications on the market to make this job easier.

Our services help you get to the root cause of data quality issues, address them in a structured manner focusing on technologies, tools, processes, and people. If you focus only on tools for data quality, it is bound to fail as the best practises always guide companies on a comprehensive approach involving people and processes as well.


Are all data sets and data items recorded?

A measure of the absence of blank ( or empty string) values or the presence of non-blank values.


Is there a single view of the dataset?

Do not record an item more than once in the data set


Are the data set and data elements current?

The degree to which data represent reality from the required point in time.


Does the data reflect the real data set?


Are the data across different data sets matched?

Are multiple representations of a thin/item against a definition the same?


Does the data match the rules?

Data are valid if it conforms to the syntax (format, type, range) of its definition.

Why Choose Us

      • We love DATA!
      • Deep knowledge in Data management, Data Quality and Governance
      • Well balanced project teams with strategy to design to implementation
      • Professional account management
      • A commitment to quality

What Client’s Say

Engaged with us on Data Governance strategy. Digital Transformation Pro delivered an honest assessment report and helped deliver a strategic road map to implementation. Highly recommended!
Michael Samson, Aventis
We brought Digital transformation Pro for our Data Quality engagement. They have profiled our key data, cleansed it and delivered an accurate and consistent data across data sets. We worked with them on multiple projects.
Vipul Shah, Michelin
We sincerely appreciate Digital Transformation Pro’s engagement with us on Data Governance. Prior to their engagement, our data governance efforts were scattered all over. They came in and proposed and instituted a comprehensive data governance program that keeps our data consistent and accurate.
Sandra Collins, Citibank