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Digital Transformation Pro’s Expertise

Data governance is widely understood to include all processes that are geared toward enhancing, protecting and managing data as a strategic enterprise asset. In the current environment of exploding data, it is both a critical need and a strategic opportunity for today’s organizations.

Establishing a Governance Program

Digital Transformation Pro can assist you in developing a governance program that incrementally addresses the technology, process and organizational issues that are critical for success. Our first step is to assess your existing situation in the context of our Governance Maturity Model. We can then establish your target or desired maturity level. An incremental plan is developed to allow for pragmatic investments, often aligned with prioritized projects to attain the target state.

Significant Value

In many ways, data governance represents a true confluence of business and IT. If properly executed, it offers significant value to the organization, based on:

      • Information that is defined and used consistently across the enterprise.
      • Increased consumer confidence in data, thereby increasing the use of this data.
      • Reduced time-to-market for new data initiatives.
      • A framework to inform decision-making as it relates to data management initiatives.