Digital Transformation

SAP Leonardo | Digital Innovation System
Digital Transformation is about Customer Ownership
Digital Transformation needs speed and anchoring but not at the same pace
Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation (Scaling Agility)
From Digital Transformation to busting bureaucracy

Big Data

API Wrappers to Help Bring Machine Learning Into Focus - DZone AI
Are You Set Up to Achieve Your Big Data Vision?
Using Mobile Computer Game to Unlock Molecular Secrets
25 Predictions About The Future Of Big Data
Are You Ready for a Chief Data Officer (CDO)? - DZone Integration

Data Analytics

10 Best Practices for Amazon Redshift Spectrum
NDEMO: Amazon is changing how we buy food, and Africa stands to
'Data Analytics One Of The Most Positive Sectors For Employment'
Self Service Set To Change Dynamics Of Data Analytics
Predictive, Descriptive, Prescriptive Analytics

Internet Of Things

Wearable sales to double by 2021, says IDC
Gordon Hunt: Tokyo Olympics getting the internet of things treatment
Cybercriminals now target IoT devices devices in smart homes - McAfee
Applying the Internet of Things to the Supply Chain
IoT Minute #1 - Rob Tiffany

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is entering the justice system
Artificial Intelligence-proof your career
Companies use AI to Find Human Employees to Work with Artificial Intelligence
Understanding the brain with the help of artificial intelligence
An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language • r/Futurology

Data Science

Most popular data science keywords on DSC
Why Data Science Argues against a Muslim Ban
Making data science accessible – Logistic Regression
Start-Ups vs Tech Giants: Where Should You Work? | Big Cloud Recruitment

Data Quality

Product Data Quality
Data Governance Interview - Garry Manser
Data collection process tips and tricks | Experian Data Quality
Top Five Priorities to Prepare for EU GDPR - Smarter With Gartner
Cultured Freshwater Pearls of Wisdom

Data Management

Datos IO: How Cisco Helps Us Think Bigger - Cisco Investments
Keeping content secure by leveraging metadata
Big Data & Analytics Week in Review - 6/23/2017
Fully charged: What truckers can teach coders
Using automation to tap unknown and undocumented data

Data Governance

Northern Trust gears up for GDPR through data governance solutions - SiliconANGLE
IBM Advances Data Science, Governance for GDPR Readiness
Product Manager for a Day & Data Governance Personas | Collibra
Data Governance Interview - Garry Manser
Start Test Driving Data Governance

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