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Our Focus Areas

Data Management
Data Quality
Data Governance


Leveraging data assets for competitive advantage is on the strategic agenda of all corporations today. At the same time, executive management demands maximum value from all programs and projects, with a measurable ROI. As a result, programs need to be carefully aligned with business objectives and projects must be precisely executed and delivered on time and within budget. Digital Transformation Pro’s advisory services are geared toward meeting these objectives. We recognize that there are no “boilerplate” solutions ― each business is unique in its goals and information needs. However, we also know that best practices and experience can be effectively leveraged to shorten delivery cycles, accelerate time to value and support ROI.


Digital Transformation Pro’s unique combination of technical excellence, industry experience and business understanding go into every implementation service we provide. Backed by a thorough assessment of both technology requirements and business goals, Our professionals can design and execute implementations across a range of data management, data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) initiatives. Digital Transformation Pro’s implementations are distinguished by certain key factors that help support the immediate and ongoing success of the initiative. These factors include: Professional Account Management, Well balanced project teams, A commitment to Quality.


Our core competency is in application development & maintenance and we bring to bear by working with your team and your application portfolio to either enhance these applications to take advantage of latest technologies and/or modify them to better integrate with your modern infrastructure. With mobility and social networks driving lot of customer/employee/partner integration/collaboration, we’ll work with you either to mobilize your portfolio or develop new mobile/social applications. We’re well versed with agile development technologies and our expertise will help you realize cost savings and/or maximize revenue potential.


Many times, businesses just want to augment their existing employees with a temporary workforce to deliver to commitments. Our strategic sourcing service facilitates this by working with you to identify skill and knowledge gaps and strategically augment the gaps by sourcing from our vast portfolio. If needed, we train them ourselves to ensure that they are a perfect fit. Strategic sourcing will reduce your costs of recruiting/training, reduce time to hire, access to trained workforce, and meet customer commitments.