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How To Deliver Data Strategy In 4 Steps

Part 1 of this series dealt with “Data Strategy – Your Ticket To Future Success – Part 1.” We’ll now talk about “How” to deliver Data Strategy in some simple steps. Strategy is about doing the right things and tactics is about doing things right. Data Strategy is about doing the right things to distill Data […]

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Data SStrategy

Data Strategy – What, Why, When, Who, Where

What is data Strategy?  I’d like to use couple of statistics from IDG’s Enterprise 2016 Data & Analytics Research to start this article. As per their research, 78% of enterprises agree that collection & analysis of big data has the potential to fundamentally change the way their company does business over the next 1 to […]

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Data Strategy components

Data Strategy Components

In this series on Data Strategy, we covered 5 ‘W’s of Data Strategy and ‘How To Deliver Data Strategy In 4 Steps’. In this article, we’ll cover the various components of Data Strategy. I believe that Data Strategy document should include all or at least some of these components: Background / Context: This section should […]

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Data quality

Data Quality – Simple 6 Step Process

We all heard of many horrors of poor data quality. Companies with millions of records with “(000)000-0000” as customer contact numbers, “99/99/99” as date of purchase, 12 different gender values, shipping addresses with no state information etc. The cost of ‘dirty data’ to enterprise and organizations is real. For example, US Postal Service estimated that […]

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