Data Mining Tutorials

Data Mining Tutorials

Following are some really good data mining tutorials that we have curated from all around the web.

  • Step by Step Tutorial from Tutorial Point. A PDF version is available for purchase but step by step tutorial is free on their web.
  • Introduction to Data Mining by Dr. Kurt Thearling. Fairly comprehensive tutorial covering technical details, vendors, and details on some vendors like SAS, SPSS, Oracle to name a few.  Text mining is also covered in this tutorial.
  • Data mining tutorials from Andrew Moore. This one is quite technical covering Bayesian networks, Markov decision process, Spatial Surveillance etc.
  • Data mining with Statistica (Youtube video). There are about 35 videos with each one around 6 to 8 minutes or so. The short videos make this tutorial interesting.
  • Video lectures from Videolectures.Net. This is a quite exhaustive videos from many different lecturers. You can pick and choose the videos you want and no need to go in any particular order.
  • Three webinars hosted on  SocialScienceSpace.Com. These three webinars are presented by different people but all are from Center for Research Libraries. Peter Leonard and Lindsay King lead with a 80 minute webinar whereas the remaining two are 60 minutes each and cover data mining of big data in finance and economic industries.
  • The same webinar above from Peter Leonard and Lindsay King from yale University on Text and Data Mining in Humanities and Social Sciences is also hosted on Youtube. This is about 80 minutes.
  • Data Mining with R from Richard Skeggs. This is from 2015 and is about 45 minutes long and covers association rule learning, anomaly detection, clustering, classification etc. Should give you a good overview of data mining.

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