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Educate. Enable. Empower. Rohini Khanderay is a woman on a mission with a passion for the Internet of Things and[...]
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Digital Transformation Pro held a virtual workshop “Learn IoT using Arduino”(from 25th Jan 2021 to 30 Jan 2021) in Sandip[...]
Data Transformers Podcast
The wait is over! The DataTransformers podcast is now live on iTunes or your favorite podcast player. My co-host Peggy Tsai[...]
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Understanding AI for Business
AI and machine learning, while once considered largely experimental technologies, have quickly matured to become a transformative influence on business[...]
Artificial Intelligence Primer and Glossary – FREE for you
According to IDC, spending on AI systems will reach $97.9 billion in 2023, more than two and one half times[...]
Role of Hybrid Cloud in accelerating the adoption of AI in enterprises
Enterprises are accelerating their investments in Artificial Intelligence. Just in the last year, 62% of the enterprises have increased spending[...]
Time For Operations to Embrace Data Governance
Let me start by introducing you to Operations Innovation has completely changed how Business used to happen 50 years from[...]
Top Data Mining Algorithms
Learning about data mining algorithms is not for the faint of heart and the literature on the web makes it[...]
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Part 1 of this series dealt with “Data Strategy – Your Ticket To Future Success – Part 1.” We'll now talk[...]

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