Internet Of Things Workshop – Jan 25 to Jan 30

Digital Transformation Pro held a virtual workshop “Learn IoT using Arduino”(from 25th Jan 2021 to 30 Jan 2021) in Sandip University, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Over 200+ engineering students from various disciplines  participated in this live but ‘virtual’ workshop conducted by Rohini Khanderay, Director of IOT Programs. The purpose of the workshop was to help build fundamental but important technical skills for students interested in  entering the IoT field. 

Topics covered during session: 

  • Basic fundamentals of IOT 
  • Fundamentals of Arduino
  • Role of Arduino in IoT
  • Types of various arduino boards
  • Arduino pinout and its functions 
  • Study of different kinds of sensors with practically building circuits
  • Arduino installation process
  • How to program Arduino

During this workshop, students experienced hands-on projects based on arduino and sensors like automatic sanitizer dispensers. With no prior knowledge, attendees went from knowing nothing — or very little — to building a complete arduino project.

Here is a link to all teh training:

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