Announcing Rohini Khanderay As Director of IOT & Robotics Programs

Educate. Enable. Empower.

Rohini Khanderay is a woman on a mission with a passion for the Internet of Things and Robotics. 

I came across Rohini’s posts on LinkedIn in 2020 via her simple Do-It-Yourself videos on automatic hand sanitizer, water irrigation system using Arduino. 

With an MS in Electronics & Communications Engineering, Rohini was pursuing a Ph.D at Sandip University in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Simultaneously, she was also training and coaching anyone who is remotely interested in IoT. After a few conversations, Rohini and I agreed that we have similar goals about educating, enabling, and empowering students.

So here we are. I am delighted to announce that Rohini and I are joining hands to educate 100,000+ students with a special emphasis on girls and women in IoT and Robotics. Our initial focus will be in India and especially schools and communities with less than desirable support for technology education. We’ll be picking other enthusiastic trainers to help us in this cause.

Rohini has already trained 500+ students mostly girls & women in the last month or so. The videos are on our IOT Youtube channel. 

How can you support?

  • No, we are not asking for money. But if you want to sponsor our mission, we’ll not say no 🙂
  • You can recommend / suggest schools & colleges for our training
  • You can identify other like-minded people or institutions that we can partner with.
  • You can like, share, and comment so people in your network can see this.
  • And you can suggest areas that we can focus on for future training.

I want to wish Rohini the best of success in our mission and I am delighted that Rohini has accepted the challenge.

Rohini, welcome abroad!!! We can make a difference.


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