Role of Hybrid Cloud in accelerating the adoption of AI in enterprises

Enterprises are accelerating their investments in Artificial Intelligence. Just in the last year, 62% of the enterprises have increased spending on AI (Source: MIT Sloan survey). The majority of these enterprises are in the early stages of AI adoption.

The most often cited challenges to AI adoption are: (1) Implementation challenges (2) integrating AI into the company’s roles and functions (3) Data issues (privacy, accessibility etc.) (4) Cost of AI technologies/solution development (5) lack of skills (6) Evaluating and measuring business value.

Hybrid cloud is an ideal way to overcome these challenges and scale up AI efforts by leveraging your existing investments in the infrastructure. Hybrid cloud enables you to integrate your existing processes, increase your organization’s agility, and manage your investments in a measured way, and scale appropriately based on the business results.

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