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The wait is over! The DataTransformers podcast is now live on iTunes or your favorite podcast player.

My co-host Peggy Tsai and I are very  happy to launch the Data Transformers podcast with the goal to accelerate digital transformation by bridging the gap between business goals and technology initiatives using Data as glue. With the rapid advancement of technologies such as AI, ML, IOT, Cloud computing et al and the explosion of data that these technologies rely on, it is absolutely important to manage the data in intelligent and efficient ways. We’d like to enable that by interviewing the transformers in the industry who are leading the way in digital transformation. We also would like to bring our perspectives, latest trends and most valuable resources to you so you could be a data transformer in your organization.

My co-host Peggy Tsai is a VP of Data Solutions at BigID, Top 50 Women in Tech Influencer 2020, Co-author of The AI Book, and a Data Governance Practitioner with deep knowledge and experience in the data management domain.

Here are quick summaries of the first 3 episodes.

Episode 1: The kickoff episode goes into the professional and personal lives of the co-hosts Peggy Tsai and Ramesh Dontha. Who are they? What have they been doing before the podcast? Why do they want to do a podcast? Where did they meet? What do they want to accomplish with Data Transformers’ Podcast?

Episode 2: What is the need for one more podcast on Data? How will the Data Transformers podcast be different from other podcasts? Who is the podcast meant for? Who is being interviewed? This episode goes into all the What, Who, Why, When, Where, and How of the podcast.

Episode 3: In this episode, Bonnie emphasized the importance of storytelling with data to make analytics impactful in organizations. One of the challenges organizations deal with is implementation and operationalization of analytics for speed and scale. Bonnie talks about the need for focus in that area. Bonnie also talked about her experience in climbing up the ladder to be one of the few senior executives in the tech world. Bonnie also described the ways to balance business objectives and technology implementations.

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Let us know what you think. Do you have any topics you want us to cover? We are listening and learning.

About the Author Ramesh Dontha

Ramesh Dontha is the Founder of Digital Transformation Pro, an award winning/bestselling author and podcast host. Ramesh can either be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter (@rkdontha1) or via email: rkdontha AT

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