Book Review: Data Management and Governance Services

I recently contributed to a book ‘Data Management and Governance Services: Simple and Effective Approaches’ by Tejasvi Addagadda. Here is my review of the book.

When Tejasvi first approached me to contribute to his book ‘Data Management and Governance Services’, what intrigued me was the scope of the book. With so much buzz about big data & data analytics, people tend to forget that managing and governing data and ensuring that underlying data is of high quality is crucial to delivering actionable business insights. I always would like to support any book that focuses on ‘simple and effective approaches to data management and governance’.

Tejasvi’s book stands out for three reasons: (1) It’s practical (2) It’s simple to understand and follow (3) It broadens the appeal to a larger audience.  

  1. It’s practical. There are lot of really good books on theory of data management and governance but enterprises are looking for guidance on practical steps. This book focuses on key components such as establishing a standardized metadata service and running a data quality service in almost a step-by-step fashion. I could see myself following the steps outlined in the book to setup data management and governance completely.
  2. It’s simple to understand: Tejasvi leverages his practical experience to convey intricate concepts in an almost folksy manner to relate to everyday experiences. Let me give an example with discussion on data ownership in this book. Data ownership is a tricky item in data management and data governance. This book breaks that topic into 10 steps that anyone can understand and relate so it becomes easy to implement.
  3. It broadens the appeal: One of the challenges with data governance is that few people understand it’s scope and importance. The benefits of data governance will multiply if more people in organizations can internalize the principles behind data governance, Tejasvi’s book accomplishes that objective by focusing on the most important features of data management and governance and explaining them in simple but practical terms.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

I commend Tejasvi for tackling this subject and attempting to broaden it’s appeHere is the link to the book on I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand data management and governance concepts and plans to implement them in their organizations. Happy reading.       

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