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Data Transformers Podcast

The wait is over! The DataTransformers podcast is now live on iTunes or your favorite podcast player. My co-host Peggy Tsai and I are very  happy to launch the Data Transformers podcast with the goal to accelerate digital transformation by bridging the gap between business goals and technology initiatives using Data as glue. With the rapid advancement […]

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Time For Operations to Embrace Data Governance

Let me start by introducing you to Operations Innovation has completely changed how Business used to happen 50 years from now and how it is happening now. This Innovation which we term as Disruption is driving 100-year-old, blue-chip companies out of business. Start-ups that rethink basic services like hotels and taxis are disrupting entire industries. […]

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data governance definition

What is Data Governance?

As we hear more and more about Data Governance, the rank and file begin to ask the fundamental question of ‘What is data Governance?” It is probably better to start with Governance. As per the Oxford Dictionary, Governance is the act of controlling, influencing, or regulating a person, action, or course of events. Applying this […]

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Book Review: Data Management and Governance Services

I recently contributed to a book ‘Data Management and Governance Services: Simple and Effective Approaches’ by Tejasvi Addagadda. Here is my review of the book. When Tejasvi first approached me to contribute to his book ‘Data Management and Governance Services’, what intrigued me was the scope of the book. With so much buzz about big […]

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Data Governance politics

The Politics Of Data Governance – What We Can Learn From 2016 Presidential Elections?

Well, the world is done watching 2016 US Presidential elections and many are going through withdrawal symptoms. Without passing a judgment on the process or outcome of the elections, I’d like to use the learnings from the US presidential elections to relate them to Data Governance. We all know that politics is everywhere, in our […]

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