1,000 Artificial Intelligence Case Studies

I am on a mission to curate and compile 1,000 Artificial Intelligence public case studies/proof points.


Let us first be on the same page on what a case study/proof point can do.

It can:
-> Describe the business situation/problem statement;
-> Identify the key issues of the situation;
->Describe the solution approach taken
->Recommend or direct to next steps

The case studies can help us understand where AI is being considered even if it is not taken into production completely.

I have a head start already and am well into a couple of hundred case studies.

I need your help to get as many case studies as possible into this book. Please list any websites/resources I can look at to include more case studies.

I’ll give you credit in the book for identifying these case studies.

I’ll share this for free with anyone who wants it.

So can you help me? Please put the link below or point me to someone who might know.


About the Author Ramesh Dontha

Ramesh Dontha is the Founder of Digital Transformation Pro, an award winning/bestselling author and podcast host. Ramesh can either be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter (@rkdontha1) or via email: rkdontha AT DigitalTransformationPro.com

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