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Data quality

Data Quality – Simple 6 Step Process

We all heard of many horrors of poor data quality. Companies with millions of records with “(000)000-0000” as customer contact numbers, “99/99/99” as date of purchase, 12 different gender values, shipping addresses with no state information etc. The cost of ‘dirty data’ to enterprise and organizations is real. For example, US Postal Service estimated that […]

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Jill Dyche – Data Science Influencer

Jill Dyche, currently Vice President of Best Practices at SAS Institute, is fairly well known in the data science arena. Prior to SAS Institute, Jill founded Baseline Consulting which was acquired by SAS Institute few years ago. I came across Jill personally when she responded to one of my published articles even though I know […]

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Book Review: Data Management and Governance Services

I recently contributed to a book ‘Data Management and Governance Services: Simple and Effective Approaches’ by Tejasvi Addagadda. Here is my review of the book. When Tejasvi first approached me to contribute to his book ‘Data Management and Governance Services’, what intrigued me was the scope of the book. With so much buzz about big […]

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carla gentry

Carla Gentry – Data Nerd Extraordinaire

Her twitter handle gives it away. She is a self-proclaimed “data nerd”. Typically, the word ‘she’ and ‘data nerd’ don’t go hand in hand. But Carla Gentry is not your typical woman. Carla, currently a data scientist at Talent Analytics Corporation, was a high school drop out. Married at 17, had her first kid at […]

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Data Governance politics

The Politics Of Data Governance – What We Can Learn From 2016 Presidential Elections?

Well, the world is done watching 2016 US Presidential elections and many are going through withdrawal symptoms. Without passing a judgment on the process or outcome of the elections, I’d like to use the learnings from the US presidential elections to relate them to Data Governance. We all know that politics is everywhere, in our […]

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