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10 most popular algorithms

Top Data Mining Algorithms

Of all the data mining algorithms, there are 10 algorithms that get the most attention. The article goes into details on types of algorithms (supervised or unsupervised) and gives more details on each of these data mining algorithms.

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Big Data Terms

25 Must Know Big Data Terms

Big Data can be intimidating! If you are new to Big Data, please read ‘What is Big Data’, ‘Who coined Big Data’ to get you started. With the basic concepts under your belt, let’s focus on some key terms to impress your date or boss or family. By the way, I am putting together a much […]

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Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

The promise of Big Data is in analytics and how companies can derive business intelligence to help them make data-driven decisions. A data-driven culture in organizations requires investments in people, processes, and technology. Even though technology alone will not answer all questions, I have to admit that recent advances in Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics […]

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