Role of Hybrid Cloud in accelerating the adoption of AI in enterprises

Hybrid cloud is an ideal way to overcome these challenges and scale up AI efforts by leveraging your existing investments in the infrastructure.

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Time For Operations to Embrace Data Governance

Let me start by introducing you to Operations Innovation has completely changed how Business used to happen 50 years from now and how it is happening now. This Innovation which we term as Disruption is driving 100-year-old, blue-chip companies out of business. Start-ups that rethink basic services like hotels and taxis are disrupting entire industries. […]

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10 most popular algorithms

Top Data Mining Algorithms

Of all the data mining algorithms, there are 10 algorithms that get the most attention. The article goes into details on types of algorithms (supervised or unsupervised) and gives more details on each of these data mining algorithms.

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75 big data terms

75 Big Data terms

My earlier article on ‘25 Big Data terms you must know to impress your date’ had a pretty decent response (at least by my standards) and there were requests to add more. Look, it is fairly easy to impress your date. Depending on the gender, all you may need is a romantic dinner and my […]

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Data strategy

How To Deliver Data Strategy In 4 Steps

Part 1 of this series dealt with “Data Strategy – Your Ticket To Future Success – Part 1.” We’ll now talk about “How” to deliver Data Strategy in some simple steps. Strategy is about doing the right things and tactics is about doing things right. Data Strategy is about doing the right things to distill Data […]

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Data Mining Steps

Data mining steps or phases can vary. The exact # of data mining steps involved in data mining can vary based on the practitioner, scope of the problem and how they aggregate the steps and name them. Irrespective of that, the following typical steps are involved. Defining the problem: This in my opinion is one […]

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What is data mining

Data Mining What Why

What is Data Mining? Simply put, Data mining is the process of sifting through large data sets to identify and describe patterns, discover and establish relationships with an intent to predict future trends based on those patterns and relationships. Why is data mining relevant now? Haven’t we been ‘mining’ data from time immemorial? Yes and […]

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Life Of A Byte

Hi, my name is Brontobyte and this is my story of how I grew up from a Byte, to Megabyte, to Gigabyte, to Brontobyte. I was born possibly in 1956 to unknown parents at an undisclosed place. All I know about my birth is that my Godfather Mr. Werner Buchholz from IBM gave me my […]

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Big Data Fire

Big Data Fire. It Was Always Raging

Unless you are hiding under a rock, you know that the Big Data fire is raging. Whole lot of people have contributed significantly to the advancement of Big Data over the years and quite a few are continuing to influence. I learn every day from these pioneers and influencers so I wanted to recognize my […]

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Big Data Terms

25 Must Know Big Data Terms

Big Data can be intimidating! If you are new to Big Data, please read ‘What is Big Data’, ‘Who coined Big Data’ to get you started. With the basic concepts under your belt, let’s focus on some key terms to impress your date or boss or family. By the way, I am putting together a much […]

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